Balance parks

Below you will find a number of examples of balance parks. However, Rampline's playground equipment can be combined in countless ways. Balance parks enable fun and fast-paced play and challenging elements to master - whether you are a beginner or an expert.

Please note: Prices are estimates and may be subject to changes. Please contact us for a quote.


Net price 257 700 NOK


Net price 47 880 NOK

Jane jump

Net price 164 640 NOK


Net price 374 280 NOK


Net price 63 320 NOK

All In

Net price 527 040 NOK

Triple Slack Fun

Net price 87 780 NOK

The Floor Is Lava

Net price 357 500 NOK


Net price 241 420 NOK

Don´t step into the water

Net price 99 340 NOK

Junior Power

Net price 212 720 NOK


Net price 180 280 NOK

Suldal Kulp

Net price 436 860 NOK

Marathon Play

Net price 992 000 NOK

Half Marathon Play

Net price 592 620 NOK

Junior power II

Net price 149 580 NOK

Never stop playing

Net price 351 500 NOK

Classic Jump

Net price 135 520 NOK