Oslo inner city

European environmental capital

Oslo is a pioneer for a car-free city and was awarded European environmental capital for 2019. Through its car free city program, the City of Oslo wished to return areas previously occupied by cars to the pedestrians and in this way contribute to animation of the city center. This brings room for more people that wish to spend their time outside, and a more pleasant way of life. With Rampline’s Street concepts, the city of Oslo now has got activity havens all around. The moveable playgrounds are located in streets or squares, surrounded by cafes and shops. The installations can be found in several places in the city, among others at Stortorvet, Fritjof Nansen square (town hall square) and at Akerselva.

Street balance parks bring actitvity

  Rampline’s Street concept is a pop-up playground. This unique moveable activity equipment can be placed directly on the ground and does not require any digging. To blend in with the surroundings the colors of the equipment was selected to work well with the existing public furniture. The Street concept gives a flexibily of use and allows the playground/balance park to be placed where people naturally hang out.

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