Never stop playing

This is rampline

Never stop playing! That’s what we live by at Rampline. Play is crucial for quality of life and lifelong learning.

Rampline develops innovative activity equipment for playgrounds and activity facilities. The equipment is developed with a specific goal: To bridge the gap between play and exercise and get every muscle in the body moving.

The founders and owners of the company, Vidar Skavland and Maria Grindheim Skavland, have always valued being active themselves and are happy to share their enthusiasm for physical play and development.

Maria Grindheim Skavland and Vidar Skavland walking the slackline.
Slackline for everyone

It all started in 2008 with an idea to lower the threshold and make it possible for anyone who wants to try slacklining. By developing a slackline stand that was safe, robust, and inviting, it would attract people to playful and fun physical exercise in public spaces. Rampline® Slackline can be found today in a wide range of schools, kindergartens, sports fields, streets and squares, both in its home country of Norway and other places around the globe. The next step for the company was to develop Rampball®, which was the world’s first rotating and tilting balance ball.

Later, the product portfolio has been expanded with complementary equipment according to the same basic philosophy. The products are characterized by genuine craftsmanship and durable materials. Product development and manufacturing takes place on the island of Talgje outside Stavanger.

The Motor Skill Park

Today, Rampline has refined its own motor skill park concept, consisting of activity equipment placed in combinations that provide great variation for the user. By appealing to the user’s creativity and ability to find their own movement patterns and sequences, a playful physical play is triggered that simultaneously provides effective training for motor skills, coordination and balance.