guaranteed to be durable

Product warranty

The warranty period applies from the date of purchase. The invoice for the purchase of our products is valid as proof of warranty.

20-year warranty
Galvanized, powder coated and stainless steel and PE plates.

10-year warranty
Powder-coated aluminum, ball bearings and natural rubber.

5-year warranty
Springs and spring attachment system.

50-year warranty
Accoya wood parts comes with a 50-year rot guarantee when mounted above ground.

Eurotramp trampolines
Rampline AS offers products from Eurotramp as a third-party supplier. Rampline’s product warranties do not apply to these products as they have their own warranty terms. Eurotramp offers a 2 year guarantee on the trampoline box. Other parts are wearing parts and as such exempt from the guarantee. Read more at

Warranty coverage
Rampline’s product warranty implies free shipping of product or product parts, at Rampline’s discretion. Instructions for installation/execution are included.

The guarantee presupposes that the product is installed and maintained in accordance with the enclosed instructions.
In order for the warranty to be valid, it is assumed that the product is installed in accordance with the product’s installation instructions and maintained in accordance with the product’s OAM.
The buyer is obliged to give a written complaint to Rampline AS if errors or defects should occur.

The warranty covers wear or damage caused by the activity for which the device is made.
Rampline’s product warranties do not cover damage caused by improper use, negligence, normal wear and tear and cosmetic problems or defects due to misuse or vandalism. Natural changes in rubber over time are considered cosmetic changes and are not covered by our warranties.

The guarantee presupposes that only original parts are used
Rampline AS is not responsible for errors, defects or the like that may occur when using parts that are not included with the product or not supplied by Rampline AS.

Spare parts
In the event of vandalism or the need for extended maintenance, Rampline AS offers all spare parts throughout the product’s lifetime. The products are designed with practical access for replacement of individual parts. If you have questions or need parts sent from Rampline, you can contact us and we will help you.