A wheelchair accessible and environmental friendly shock absorbing ground cover

Shockdeck™️ for playgrounds

Finally, a shock absorbing ground cover that provides universal design without emitting microplastics into the environment, something that cannot be avoided with, for example, poured rubber or artificial turf.

ShockDeck™ consists of standard pressure treated pine wood decking combined with a special shock absorption.

ShockDeck™ is supplied by Rampline as a set of shock absorbers. The material for the decking boards themselves can be purchased at the nearest timber merchant.

The straightforward construction makes it easy to build, and playground equipment is mounted as usual to underlying concrete foundations.

Prices and ordering

wood – the material that was created with play in mind

Despite its solid surface, the wooden deck is a very pleasant and inviting material to play on. When children intuitively understand that it is safe to jump, run, and fall, they also dare to fully explore the world of play.

By constructing the play area at the same level as the surroundings, you get a wheelchair-friendly surface where everyone, including people with reduced mobility, can participate in the play.

the SUPER Shock Absorber

ShockDeck™ is designed with an innovative and efficient shock absorber made of natural rubber, along with an adjustable foot that simplifies installation.

Natural rubber is a material that withstands countless deformations and always returns to its original form.

ShockDeck™ is certified according to EN 1177:2018 for a fall height of up to 1.6 meters.

Meets future requirements

ShockDeck™ is developed to offer universal design with minimal environmental impact. The matrix below shows the comparison between ShockDeck™ and the most common types of ground covers used in playgrounds today.

  ShockDeck™ Wet pour rubber/EPDM Artificial grass Fall sand Wood chips
Universal design          
Zero microplastics          
Sorted for recycling          

Features and Benefits

Environmental friendly

  • Low greenhouse gas emissions
  • No loss of microplastics
  • Does not generate problematic waste
  • Shock absorbers can be reused
  • No use of glue or chemicals in construction
  • Draining surface

Universal design

  • ShockDeck™ has a solid surface suitable for various disabilities, including wheelchair users.

simple construction

  • Quick to build, just following the instructions
  • Predictable maintenance – easy to replace individual parts
  • Efficient and straightforward inspection

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Visit the product page to find prices, technical information, product sheets, downloadable files, and more. Here, you can also request a quote and place an order.


Vidar Skavland
Product Developer at Rampline