Innovative and sus tainable

We want to contribute to public health and well-being by making people play more.

Social responsibility

Our passion is to develop concepts that ultimately facilitate better public health, especially for children and young people. This means to innovate for the benefit of free physical play. Such play is essential for the physical and mental development and well-being among children.

Rampline’s goals

We aim to always see the big picture to best balance function, durability and sustainability.

  • We assume that play is an essential quality in all stages of life and that movement is fundamental to people’s well-being and prevention of health problems. We want to enable people of alle ages and levels of function to participate in such activities.
  • Our ambition is to create an attractive, safe and stable workplace by combining our innovation strength with a profound understanding of play and physical activity and its importance, or what we call being a “creative hybrid”.
  • We are committed to align our our work with UN’s 17 Sustainability Goals, which means, among other things, ensuring that the goods we purchase are manufactured in line with internationally recognized standards regarding working conditions and environmental considerations.

In this way, Rampline is to be an innovative and relevant contributor to the public health of the world. And we will do it in a sustainable way.

Environmentally friendly materials and sustainable production

Sustainable production is about doing more with less resources. A playground, motor skill park or activity park from Rampline appeals to everyone, regardless of age, gender and level of function. It will therefore generate a great deal of return in relation to the costs, both in terms of economic resources and environmental impact.

Products with a long lifespan manufactured without the use of unnecessary chemicals makes Rampline’s activity equipment an excellent alternative for projects with environmental focus.

Rampline uses the best possible materials from an enviromental viewpoint. We prefer the use of sustainably manufactured natural rubber, recycled non-toxic raw rubber and steel or aluminum produced with clean Norwegian hydropower.

Used packaging management

Rampline is a member of Green Dot Norway, a privately owned non-profit company responsible for financing the recovery and recycling of used packaging on behalf of the industrial sector. The membership is a contribution to the effort of ensuring that all used packaging is collected and turned into new resources. It also keep us up to date on how to package our products in the best possible ways environmentally speaking.

Equality and universal design

Rampline delivers universally designed play and activity equipment that is accessible for everyone, regardless of age, gender and level of function. Equality means to include everyone on the same arena, to erase differences between people by offering what all of us wish for; a place for physical activity that stimulates our development in many important ways.

Products for life

Rampline’s equipment provide the opportunities to learn and master new things throughout your life. Our equipment is designed never to be outgrown of by the users. It will provide new challenges to master as long as you are willing to play.