Purchase and delivery terms

Application and Classification 

All products from Rampline AS (hereinafter referred to as Rampline) are classified as play equipment in accordance with EN 1176.

Validity of the Offer 

An offer expires if it is not accepted before the specified deadline. Offers or agreements facilitated by Rampline become binding only when they are confirmed in writing through an offer letter or email.

Product Information and Assembly Instructions 

Operational, administration and maintenance- (OAM) and assembly instructions are included with the product delivery.

Delivery Time and Delay 

Delivery times range from immediate delivery to 6 weeks. The product FloatingBench is delivered and assembled by agreement, with a minimum delivery time of 5 weeks to be expected.

Payment Terms

Payment must be made within 30 days from the invoice date unless otherwise agreed upon. If the payment deadline is exceeded, Rampline is entitled to the statutory default interest on the outstanding amount at any given time. The buyer is obligated to provide security for proper payment before the goods are delivered if demanded by Rampline. If the buyer does not make the payment as agreed, Rampline also has the right, after giving written notice to the buyer, to suspend the fulfillment of its contractual obligations until payment is made. If the buyer has not paid the overdue amount within 45 days after the due date, Rampline is entitled, through written notice to the buyer, to terminate the agreement and additionally claim compensation from the buyer for any loss suffered. However, such compensation must not exceed the agreed purchase price (included VAT).

Retention of Title

Rampline shall retain a right of retention (security interest) in the delivered goods as security for the entire purchase price plus any interest and costs (in accordance with Norwegian legislation, the Mortgage Act §§ 3-14 to 3-22).

Fees and Taxes

All prices listed are exclusive of VAT.

Storage Fees

If the buyer is unable to receive the ordered goods at the agreed-upon delivery time, Rampline reserves the right to invoice storage fees.


The buyer shall submit written complaints to Rampline regarding any defects or deficiencies that may arise. A complaint should be made as soon as possible after a defect is discovered or should have been discovered. Failure to meet the deadline for reporting a complaint will result in the loss of this right.

Rampline’s Responsibility for Defects and Deficiencies

All our products are thoroughly inspected before delivery. Defects or deficiencies present at the time of receipt and reported by the buyer within one year of delivery shall be rectified by Rampline. Rampline determines whether rectification should take the form of repair or replacement. If the buyer has complained about defects/deficiencies that are not attributable to Rampline, Rampline is entitled to compensation from the buyer for the work and costs incurred due to the complaint.

Delivery Obstacles / Force Majeure

If circumstances beyond Rampline’s control occur that hinder or unreasonably complicate the fulfillment of Rampline’s agreed-upon obligations, Rampline is not liable for the consequences thereof. This includes, for example, war, mobilization, requisitioning, seizure, changes in the foreign exchange market, export or import bans, labor disputes, inadequate supply of raw materials, lack of transportation, fire, factory accidents, and defects/errors in deliveries from subcontractors or delays in such deliveries due to circumstances covered in this section. If the delivery hindrance is permanent, either party may terminate the agreement in such cases. If the delivery hindrance is temporary, the delivery time may be postponed. If a party wishes to rely on any of the circumstances mentioned in this section, they must promptly notify the other party in writing.