the motor skill park

The best workout is the one you do without thinking about it, it is said. In a motor skill park it is almost impossible not to get caught up and challenge balance, agility and motor skills. The motor skill park works for all ages and is an arena for both play and more targeted training.

The motor skill park is made up of equipment that is specially designed to trigger physical activity. The equipment is certified by TÜV for use on both playgrounds and as fitness equipment.

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The equipment is approved to be safely placed closer together than traditional playground or fitness equipment. This allows the devices to be used in combination with each other in very many different ways.

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The motor skill park stimulates activity where the user creates creative movement patterns and sequences based on their own skill level. This allows for the development of balance and motor skills over time.

The motor skill park works for all ages, from kindergarten age to adults. A motor skill park is a good choice as a playground or activity park in most contexts.

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