Anchoring and foundation

Rampline's equipment is easy to anchor, attach or remove, and requires slight anchoring depths.

Unitary ground covers

A unitary ground cover (e.g. wet pour rubber or artificial grass) will always stay firmly in place. When a unitary ground cover is used the equipment can be directly attached to the concrete foundation using expansion bolts.

Example: Total depth approx. 25 cm (20 cm concrete, 5 cm ground cover).


Loose fill ground covers

When a loose fill ground cover is used (e.g. wooden chips, sand og natural grass) the foundation will need to be placed deeper in the ground. Depending on which device in question either an extension or a taller version of the device is used. 

Example: Total depth approx. 50 cm (20 cm concrete, 30 cm ground cover).


Ultra low anchoring

When the anchoring depth must be kept at a minimum, e.g. on a roof terrace or when digging is impossible, Rampline offers solutions where the equipment is attached to 10 mm steel plates.

Example: Total depth approx. 6 cm (1 cm steel plate, 5 cm ground cover).

Please contact Rampline if you have questions about ultra low anchoring solutions.

Separate or common foundation?

The required thickness of the concrete foundation is stated under technical information on the product page for the equipment in question, and is for most devices 15 or 20 cm. You can reduce the thickness of the foundation by increasing the area to provide maintained stability. A common solution is to have several devices share one common continuous foundation.

1. Common foundation with 15 cm thickness 2. Separate foundation with 20 cm thickness
Street motor skill parks - above ground

Rampline has developed the unique Street concept: Playgrounds that can be placed in streets or public areas - almost anywhere - and do not require any digging for the foundations.

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