Features of Rampline’s equipment

Rampline's activity equipment is designed and manufactured in Norway. It is designed to be loved by people of all ages and all levels of function. Therefore, they must also withstand heavy use. These are some of the features that make our products stand out:

Creative play

Creativity and exploration are central to all play and learning. That’s why Rampline’s activity equipment is designed to be used in a multitude of different ways. Play should be limited only by the user’s own imagination.


Our equipment will particularly stimulate balance, mobility and motor skills. These are the the basic skills that are especially important for children’s physical development.

The sense of balance is fundamental to every movement we make, and to all sports. In addition, balance training prevents injury and improves posture. The balance is also important for being physically active and agile throughout life.


The best training is the one you do without even thinking about it. Rampline’s equipment get people moving. Balance, strength, and movement training is literally a breeze, using every little muscle.


Rampline’s equipment is designed to be combined in many different ways. The possibilities for variation is limitless, which is the very essence of our balance park concept. The balance park inspires physical play and movement at all levels.

See our balance park samples 


All our devices are designed for a high degree of safety. They have no sharp edges and most horizontal surfaces are covered with shock absorbing rubber.

All ages

Play and physical activity are excellent settings for building new relationships across generations. That’s why we design our equipment with a broad age range in mind. From 2 years of age and without any upper limit.


Our playground equipment, playgrounds and balance parks are universally designed. We do everything we can to ensure that anyone will be able to participate in play and activities regardless of their ability level.



Sustainability and the environment are always our first priority. Anything else would have been unthinkable for us, keeping in mind that what we deliver primarily will be used by the young generations that will inherit this world. That’s why we emphasize producing as durable products as possible, as environmentally sound as possible.


Flexible anchoring

Our equipment is adapted to both unitary ground covers such as wet pour rubber or cork as well as loose-fill ground covers such as sand, wood chips or grass.

The foundations are made as low as possible to enable placement on roof terraces or other places with a limited depth available for the foundations.

Easy maintenance

All our equipment is made of corrosion protected materials and designed for heavy duty year-round outdoor use.

The eqiupment offers easy access in case of need for service or replacement of individual parts.

We are here for you

With Rampline’s in-depth knowledge of the products, we offer fast support. We offer a short delivery time for all parts.

If you have any questions about mounting, maintenance or repairs, please don’t hesitate to contact us

by phone +47 916 6 5774 

or send us a message