Kickstarting children's development

Physical play is central to the development of children's brains. To encourage such play is the very basic philosophy of the motor skill park.

The motor skill park in kindergarten

The importance of physical activity for children’s development is well documented by science, explaining how intellectual development is happening as an interplay with the development of physical skills.

Rampline’s Motor Skill Park™ concept was designed with this particular interaction in mind. At the same time the motor skill park appeals to children’s innate urge to explore and to master constantly new challenges throughout the important years in kindergarten. The Motor Skill Park™ also gives children the opportunity to experience mastering situations outside their comfort zone, known as Riskful play.

The motor skill park concept means combining two or more pieces of activity equipment to increase the number of possible variations in the play. When the Motor Skill Park is adapted to kindergarten, we make some choices and adjustments to the layout so that it fits first and foremost for small arms and legs.

  • The motor skill park works for all ages. Children do not outgrow the equipment.
  • Unsurpassed stimulation of supporting muscles, balance and motor skills.
  • Several of Rampline’s devices respond dynamically to the child’s movement activating the important communication between body and mind.
  • Riskful play is a part of the motor skill playground’s nature: Exciting equipment that ‘tickles the stomach,’ even though the fall height is low, and the surroundings are safe.
  • Simple and thoughtfully designed devices that can be used in many different ways. Such devices facilitates creative play and nourish the children’s urge to explore. Therefore children do not get bored, but will constantly rediscover the playground.
  • Low profile: The motor skill park does not tower in the landscape. It fits in nicely in most places.
  • Universal design: Low height and easy access to the devices means that everyone can participate in the play regardless of function level.
  • Sustainable design: Robust equipment designed with care for the environment. Wise material choices and replaceable parts provide a long life.

How the equipment works in kindergarten

With Rampline’s play equipment children from the age of 2 can aquire balance, strength and motor skills through play. From the most basic physical play to more challenging and exciting movements that they get the hang of over time. Children learn quickly and the sense of mastery provides excellent mental growth for the child.

  • In-ground trampolines add pace to the play and strengthen multiple leg and support muscles. But the trampoline is also a place where children can sit down on the webbing, and it will quickly become a popular gathering place.
  • With the tilting and rotating Rampball the youngest children will typically balance lying on their stomach or sit. Children up to about 2 years will usually need a helping hand. Older children will eventually be able to jump from ball to ball, and in this way they quickly develop their balance and motor skills.
  • The Rampline® slackline is the most demanding device. Young children can challenge the balance by lying down on the webbing. Older children can give each other a helping hand. Balancing without support is something for them to strive for.
  • An activity bench like the Floating Bench™ challenge the balance the more pace you have. They also serve as a gathering places and excellent places for role play.
  • A unitary shock absorbing ground cover such as wet pour rubber or cork will provide good access regardless of the users’ level of function.
  • The distances between the devices are adapted to the age range to provide challenges for everyone.