A playground for all ages

Rampline's motor skill park concept provides beautiful playgrounds in living areas that are suitable for all ages, and which elevates the impression of the neighbourhood.

Installing a community playground

A community playground should be relevant for a wide age span, kids as well as teenagers, to work well in a residential area or neighbourhood.

The Motor Skill Park™ concept by Rampline can be a fun playground facilitating a range of activities, as well as a training ground for adults. This makes the Motor Skill Park an ideal choice for residential areas with kids in different ages, who in addition grow fast.

Focusing on activity for all ages

It is entirely possible to create a playground that works well for toddlers as well as and that is still attractive when they become teenagers older. With such a playground the community gets several benefits:

  • Everyone participates in the maintenance: It is not just the parents with the youngest children who are concerned that the playground is in order.
  • Social meeting place: The playground facilitates contact across different age groups in the neighbourhood.
  • For the benefit of all: The investment and use of space is perceived as fairer when the playground can be used by more people.

The motor skill park is perfect for residential areas

Rampline is a Norwegian company that has developed activity and play equipment with a focus on the stimulation balance and motor skills and that are fun and exciting at the same time. And when these devices are put together in a motor skill park, the user can combine them in various ways. They may form a small obstacle course, or the user can challenge herself by jumping from device to device.

See the activity equipment

The devices have clean designs with basic shapes and friendly materials. They are excellent for the youngest children who with their unlimited imagination quickly find countless ways to play with them. They are also perfect for older children who want to challenge themselves more. Disabled people, teenagers, adults, and even athletes also enjoy the equipment, for recreation or training.

Another benefit of the motor skill park is the appeal it has among teenage girls, who often will prefer a motor skill park over e.g a soccer pitch. Research shows that girls choose activities with free and creative movement instead of more competitive activities and sports. Research also states that girls want to be physical active as much as boys do.

All this makes the motor skill park an attractive choice for communities and neighbourhoods.

Focus on design

A playground does not need to have large, towering appliances to be fun to play on. With Rampline’s concept, you get exciting devices of high quality and a low profile, which also look good. A motor skill park will be an exciting addition to the neighbourhood. It elevates the visual impression, and when more and more people become concerned about property value, most people will prefer such a solution over a low-cost swing set as their nearest neighbour.

Motor skill parks in communities

Motor skill parks are in daily use in a number of residential areas, schools and urban spaces. Landscape architects have discovered the motor skill park’s possibilities, both in terms of visual appearance and as a meeting place for all kinds of different people. The devices can withstand intense use and harsh climate conditions.

Selected motor skill park projects
Get inspired: Motor skill park samples

New housing projects

For property developers, there is a potential in adding value to the area by investing in quality play equipment. A motor skill park signals an active lifestyle. It looks exciting and arouse curiosity of potential buyers.

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A residential area in Tønsberg, Norway.

Motor skill park on roof terraces

When it comes to urban housing projects with roof terraces with access for the residents, the motor skill park is a smart solution to offer activity. The modest height of the devices and the low anchoring depth allow for the use on almost any roof terrace.

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Motor skill park on a roof terrace.