Learning through play

Balance activities accelerate the motoric and intellectual development of children. The motor skill park turns balance training into fun play.

The motor skill park in primary school

The years in primary school are a time when children should get used to being physically active on a regular basis.

At this time the foundation is laid for building self-confidence and joy of movement for the rest of their life. Challenging physical activities have proven beneficial to children’s motoric and intellectual development, and balance skills are also crucial to almost all sports. The Motor Skill Park™ also gives children the opportunity to experience mastering situations outside their comfort zone, known as Riskful play.

Giving children the opportunity for play-based balance training is the very philosophy behind Rampline’s motor skill park concept. A number of primary schools have good experiences with introducing a motor skill park in the schoolyard for the benefit of the children.

  • The motor skill park works for all ages. Children do not outgrow the equipment.
  • Unsurpassed stimulation of supporting muscles, balance and motor skills.
  • Riskful play is a part of the motor skill playground’s nature: Exciting equipment that ‘tickles the stomach,’ even though the fall height is low, and the surroundings are safe.
  • Simple and thoughtfully designed devices that can be used in many different ways. Such devices facilitates creative play and nourish the children’s urge to explore. Therefore children do not get bored, but will constantly rediscover the playground.
  • Low profile: The motor skill park does not tower in the landscape. It fits in nicely in most places.
  • Universal design: Low height and easy access to the devices means that everyone can participate regardless of function level.
  • Sustainable design: Robust equipment designed with care for the environment. Wise material choices and replaceable parts provide a long life.

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Some experiences with motor skill parks in primary schools

  • The motor skill park is in use in breaks as well as in gym class activities.
  • Schools report on extended use after school hours. It is not unusual to see families go to the motor skill park for a day out.
  • An activity bench such as Floating Bench™ can also be used as a place to sit down and acts a social gathering place.
  • Rampit™ activity racks can be used in countless ways, and provide excellent training for a lot of the body’s tiny supporting muscles.

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