swirling through the space

Floating Bench™

Floating Bench ™ is not like any other playground equipment. It is a levitating experience for the one who runs along the soft, swirling tracks. It challenges balance and coordination with its bows, turns, waves and straight lines. The visually compelling Floating Bench ™ transforms the landscape and makes an impression on both adults and children.


Floating Bench ™ is an individually adapted bench that floats and rolls through the landscape, inspiring the user to creative physical movements. It is also an excellent place for groups of people to gather and socialise. The track is suspended with steel legs in different angles which makes it stylish and robust.

  • The track is padded with natural rubber mat with shock absorption and a subtle non-slip texture.
  • Can be delivered with optional integrated LED light
  • The bench is mounted on site by Rampline.
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