Join the urban move ment

Play, recreation and training in urban spaces, in the square or the park.

Motor skill parks in urban spaces, squares and parks

Gathering spaces that facilitate play and activity bring a higher quality of life to the city’s population. The surging trend towards fewer cars and more room for people creates an increasing need for such activity areas.

People need physical movement, a variety of activities and informal places where they can socialize. And they need to be able to play. The motor skill parks has proved to be very popular for a wide range of ages, and due to the universal design, anyone can participate in the activities.

The motor skill park

  • The motor skill parks are popular and can withstand extensive use in public places.
  • Works for all ages and for users at different functional levels. Everyone can take part in the activities: children and parents, and people with disabilities as well as athletes.
  • The equipment will also function as gathering places where groups can sit together.
  • Excellent safety: Exciting devices that gives that tickle in the stomach, even if the fall height is low.
  • Simple and thoughtfully designed devices that can be used in many different ways for play, training and recreation.
  • Low profile: The motor skill park does not tower in the landscape. It fits in nicely in most places.
  • Universal design: Low height and easy access to the devices means that everyone can participate regardless of function level.
  • Sustainable design: Robust equipment designed with care for the environment. Wise material choices and replaceable parts provide a long life.
  • Can be delivered for anchoring above the ground if digging is undesirable.

EXAMPLE OF A motor skill PARK IN URBAN space

The motor skill park concept involves combining two or more balance devices to increase the number of possible variations of movement. In an urban space with a great diversity of users and various activities devices ranging from activity benches and trampolines to more challenging balance balls and slacklines will give a great result.


The combination of balance activity equipment and planting provides living urban space with a strong appeal to all user groups. Several of Rampline’s devices are well suited for such solutions. Floating Bench™ is a site-adapted activity bench with sculptural qualities, and together with Jumpstone™ bouncing jump pads an exciting exploration trail can be created, where the activity bench also acts as a place to sit down and relax.