Rampline's equipment create activity for people with a wide age range. By combining several devices in a motor skill park, you get an activity area that triggers creative and varied physical play. The motor skill park is adapted to the area to be used, and can be made small or large.

Urban areas, streets and parks

A number of cities such as Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger, as well as a number of smaller towns, have successfully used Rampline’s motor skill park concept to create activity where people gather.

Urban areas


Young children love playground equipment that can be used for both physical play as well as role play. The motor skill park is a playground they do not outgrow.


Primary schools

A motor skill park in the schoolyard stimulates the children’s balance and motor skills with positive effects on physical as well as intellectual development. And the kids love it!

Primary schools


The motor skill park will be a popular gathering point in the schoolyard, where everyone can participate in spontaneous and non-organized physical activity at their own level.

Secondary schools

Community playgrounds

The motor skill park concept is ideal for existing and new neighborhoods. A high-quality activity and playground, suitable for all ages, increases the quality of life – as well as property values.

Residential areas

Moveable motor skill parks

A moveable motor skill park facilitate activity for limited periods, or in places where it is not possible to dig to place foundations below ground.

Moveable parks