Play, workout and friends

An informal gathering place with many uses.

Motor skill parks in secondary school

Teenagers have a great need for physical activity, and most have participated in organized sports throughout their life.

But it is precisely in the teenage years many unfortunately drop out as the company of friends becomes more important. In the motor skill park, however, boys and girls can get together in physical activities more characterized by the joy of movement than by competition and achievement.

Everyone will be able to experience that they are constantly mastering new movements. For those who are active in sports and athletics, a more targeted balance training will improve their performance and also contribute to the prevention of, among other things, knee and ankle injuries.

The motor skill park concept means putting together two or more pieces of activity equipment to provide a number of possible combinations of movement. Jumping between the devices is an extra challenge for both flexibility, motor skills and balance. It provides further obstacles when the user already master one individual balancing device.

Have a look at the equipment

The Rampline motor skill park:

  • The motor skill park works for all ages. Children do not outgrow the equipment.
  • A popular gathering place that works for both physical activity and socializing with friends. Teenagers have many reasons to visit the motor skill park.
  • Unsurpassed stimulation of supporting muscles, balance and motor skills.
  • Excellent safety: Exciting devices that gives that tickle in the stomach, even if the fall height is low.
  • Simple and thoughtfully designed devices that can be used in many different ways for training and recreation.
  • Low profile: The motor skill park does not tower in the landscape. It fits in nicely in most places.
  • Universal design: Low height and easy access to the devices means that everyone can participate regardless of function level.
  • Sustainable design: Robust equipment designed with care for the environment. Wise material choices and replaceable parts provide a long life.


  • The motor skill park is in use in breaks as well as in gym class activities.
  • Schools report on extended use after school hours. It is not unusual to see families go to the motor skill park for a day out.
  • An activity bench such as FloatingBench™ can also be used as a place to sit down and acts a social gathering place.
  • Rampit™ activity racks can be used in countless ways, and provide excellent training for a lot of the body’s tiny supporting muscles.