Ålgård square

The beatifully renewed square is packed with playfulness. The center of Ålgård has been given a new and vibrant urban space with an unique expression.

Rampline has demonstrated a high degree of technical knowledge combined with an understanding about how children play.

Elizabeth Croft, Gjesdal municipality

A space for thrill and movement

Ninety meters of levitating benches and jump pads are placed in a delightful company with water ponds, grass, trees, willow bushes and paving stones. The park in Ålgård city center invites young and old to creative play, movement and new experiences. The park is designed by ATSITE and Brandsberg-Dahls arkitekter who, in collaboration with Rampline, have developed the Floating Bench™ concept. The turns and waves of the Floating Bench™ challenge balance and coordination. It facilitates movements such as running, balancing, jumping, dancing, standing on hands, stepping, tumbling and gymnastics. The benches create playful lines that capture interest, and they are woven into the space in a way that visually connects the square and the park.

Levitating benches and soft bouncing rocks

It’s about finding your own rhythm and your own path. The challenge is to avoid touching the ground, which is not easy at all. Jumpstones™ located along the Floating Bench™ make it possible to find your own individual shortcuts. The Floating Bench ™ articulates the edge between the park and the square, rolls through the bumpy grassy green slopes and leads into thrilling passages between dense high reeds and willow bushes. When it rains, the Floating Bench turns into narrow bridges over puddles where the water collects in depressions in the ground.

Integrated lines of light

In dusk, the dark bench turns into lines of light that swirl through the park. Integrated LED lights make sure the bench is an attractive sculptural object both day and night. The Floating Bench™ was developed by Rampline in collaboration with ATSITE and Brandsberg-Dahl’s architects. The overall lighting plan for Ålgård square is designed by Zenisk. The play equipment units are Floating Benches™ with integrated LED lighting and Jumpstone™ bouncing jump pads, developed, supplied and fitted by Rampline AS on behalf of Gjesdal municipality. In 2019, Ålgård city was the winner of the Norwegian Government’s award for excellent building quality. Go to FloatingBench™ product page Go to the product page Jumpstones

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