Jåtten school

The area is buzzing with life both during and after school hours. This is where the families go for a picnic on the weekends. We like that!

Principal Arne Kristian Espedal

A positive identity

The pupils at Jåtten school could start the 2019 school year by enjoying brand new school yard. The area of approximately 3.5 acres is designed by Sweco and executed by a local entrepreneur. Rampline has been one of several suppliers and, in collaboration with Sweco, has designed a Motor skill park consisting of slackline, trampolines, jumping pads, balance balls and activity racks.

The outdoor area has got a nice variation of ground covers, and together with the range of play equipment and combinations with seating and plants close to the play areas it creates an agreeable whole.

The municipality writes in a press release at the opening that the playground is aimed to be an arena for learning and physical activity during school hours and it wil act a meeting place for the local community after school. The area would be distinctive for the school and contribute to the well-being of the users and contriubute to a positive identity for the pupils, the press release from the municipality states.

Play with a variety of challenges

Rampline has designed the Motor skill park in collaboration with Sweco. The composition of equipment presents many different challenges and a numbner of ways to combine the units during activity.

The devices can be used separately or togther as obstacle courses. We hope the students will feel a sense of mastery and enjoy themselves in creative play throughout the years at Jåtten school. See similar balance parks: Kangaroo and Don´t step into the water

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