Nymarkbakken kindergarten

Physical play for the benefit of body and mind.

The playground equipment stimulates childrens' vestibular sensory system when they move around in the balance park. They train their motor skills through play in a way that is natural for them. With a balance park in our kindergarten we have a great and varied playground that we are proud of!

Randi Alnes, managing director for Nymarkbakken FUS kindergarten

Play that strengthens body and mind

In the kindergarten in Sula, Norway, there are lots of opportunities for exciting and varied play. The kindergarten is located close to the sea, it have its own grassy slopes, a forest and even animals. Rampline was commissioned to renew the outdoor areas by adding play equipment for physical play. The playgrounds – one area for the youngest children and one for the oldest children – was upgraded with Rampline’s balance parks adapted to the different age levels. In proximity of the play area there is also bird’s nest swing, a slide, a sandpit as well as benches for role play. Rampline’s equipment is designed specifically to trigger the physical play that stimulates balance, motor skills and the important communication between body and mind. The playgrounds are designed to offer entry level as well as more advanced challenges. The children will constantly find new ways to use the balance park as they grow older through the important years in kindergarten.

Cooperation and mastering

The Rampline play equipment provides mixed stimulation of balance and motor skills. The slackline can be used sitting down, lying or walking and thus it challenges body and brain. Rampline’s balance balls tilt and rotate – which requires the child’s full attention. The jump pads are spring-loaded and make children jump and run while challenging their balance. Balancing the narrow balance beam feels safe due to the low height and a shock absorbing padding on top. The in-ground trampolines add opportunities for high paced play. Feedback from the kindergarten staff indicates that the devices in the balance park naturally brings out the childrens’ cooperation skills as the children help each other to master new challenges. – In addition, we experience that the play equipment allows for creative activity. The children discover their own ways of using the devices, says general manager Randi Alnes.

Different ground covers in combination

When choosing ground cover the kindergarten wanted a unitary ground cover. Safety and durability is important, but combining different ground covers is also inspiring and stimulating for the childrens’ play. Rampline designed the playground with a combination of wet pour rubber cover, asphalt tracks and paving stones. The wet pour rubber cover is designed with visual patterns and colors inspired by nature, with islands of grass, sand and water. The asphalt tracks are great for cycling. Small waves along the tracks increase speed and offer some challenges. Paving stones provide a visual framing of the wet pour area and create zones with a firm cover that work well for playing with sand and for role play. Natural rocks has been used as an affordable and easy way to create diversity and are elements that children love. The end result is a playground with a rich variety of materials, offering natural grass, natural and paving stones, wet pour rubber and asphalt. Rampline’s partners in the project were Tilseth, contractor, and Safeplay responsible for the wet pour rubber.

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