Einerneset in suldal

A playground with what may be the world's finest location

The playground is unique and custom made to this location. We are very satisfied with the delivery from Rampline.

Lauritz Lauritzen, Suldal Municipality


Surrounded by beautiful scenery of mountains, fjords, sandy beaches, and hiking trails, it’s easy to feel inspired for activity, exercise, and recreation at Neset in Sand (Suldal Municipality). What used to be a parking lot has now been transformed into a Motor Skill Park™ and playground by Rampline. Here, both young and old can engage in creative balance play.

There are great opportunities for play as well as exercise. Additionally, there’s a new service facility that makes it convenient to use the area. During the summer, there is a lot of life both on the beach and in the water.

We believe this is a great example of how small places can create excellent and attractive meeting spots for activity and recreation.


Rampline’s task was to design a playground that would seamlessly integrate into the terrain and function well in close proximity to the sandy beach. The facility needed to be easy to maintain and attractive for a wide range of age groups. Kebony wood, boulders, and curb stones provide the facility with a solid and aesthetically pleasing integration with easy access.

The level from the beach up to the playground is constructed with a wooden structure that serves as both stairs and seating. This is a practical and aesthetic solution that also keeps the sand away from the wet pour ground cover.

The design of the playground and activity equipment was provided by Rampline, assisted with construction and groundwork from local contractors.

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