Eigersund city center

Playful children bring life to the city.

-As part of Eigersund Municipality's goal to increase activity in the city center, we chose a Motor Skill Park from Rampline. This has provided a high-quality meeting place with play equipment that is very popular.

Mats Nergård - Project Manager in Eigersund Municipality


The playground in Eigersund city center features a Motor Skill Park™ from Rampline, along with a climbing wall. It’s a hub of activity where both young and old climb, jump, and balance in an area designed to accommodate various activities. 

The play equipment is made removable with an special attachment system from Rampline, allowing the space to be freed up for multiple purposes. At times, this play area transforms into a venue for theater performances or concerts. All of this creates a multitude of experiences, life, sound, movement, excitement, play, fun challenges, and many positive encounters among the city’s people.



Balancing on a slack line or staying on your feet on a balance ball that tilts and rotates requires both guts and focus. Fortunately, there are many ways to use these play equipment and that’s a crucial part of the quality of Rampline’s activity equipment. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re 3, 12, or 50 years old – here, you can play and challenge your balance regardless of age or skill level.

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