No reason to stop playing!

– We wanted to create a good social arena for varied physical activities at the secondary school, and that the students also were involved in the process. We are very satisfied with the expertise and delivery from Rampline.

Øyvind Storm, Forsand Municipality


The objective was to create a playground for creative activity and a great place to simply ‘hang out’ together. It turned into a Motor Skills Park™ with many possibilities. Here, there are benches for gymnastics, running, or just relaxing. There are activity racks, pull-up bars, and two 4 meters high climbing poles. 

Balance balls, trampolines, and a slackline system are combined to offer numerous opportunities for combined exercises and tricks to practice. 

The play equipment provides many options for activity and training. At the same time, the Motor Skills Park™️ is a social gathering place and a space for learning from each other and inspiring one another in creative activity and training.


The variation of play equipment encourages both physical activity and more targeted training. Balance training provides a sense of accomplishment and has positive effects regardless of the type of sports or physical activities one engages in. 

In the Motor Skill Park™️, the play equipment is organized as an obstacle course. Mastering slacklining, running across tilting and rotating balance balls, or completing 8 pull-ups are achievements to carry with you beyond the 10th grade. 

The Motor Skill Park™️ is placed in a sheltered corner of the schoolyard, covering an area of approximately 10 x16 meters. It is designed to include many youths  simultaneously, creating a unifying and intimate environment where everyone can participate. The design of the playground and activity equipment was provided by Rampline, assisted with construction and groundwork from local contractors.

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