Hop primary school

Physical activity, play and learning in the schoolyard

The activity area has given the community an unique and stimulating meeting place for all age groups. The design provides a great opportunity to combine training, free play and socializing.

Siri Higraff, parent's association at Hop school

Inspires varied physical activity

The school wished for an activity area for creative physical play and training, with equipment that stimulates children’s balance and develops motor skills. The goal was a to get a schoolyard that inspires varied physical activity even beyond school hours. The balance park from Rampline is combined with a swing set and an area for free play, as well as natural rocks.

Balance and motor skills

The balance park consists of trampolines, multi activity racks, climbing poles with a sound generators at the top, a slackline, jumping pads, balance balls and balance beams. In the balance park people of all ages can develop their motor skills through creative balance play and training at their own level. Research shows that this kind of free play inspires girls in particular to physical activity. In the schoolyard at Hop, there is plenty of space for free play, to turn wheels, stand on hands and jump rope on a safe, attractive and inviting surface. In the artificial turf, a simple but practical grip has been made; a white-painted stripe that invites to, for example, to tour along a a straight line.

Safe and durable ground covers

The ground cover in the playground is partly artificial grass and partly wet pour rubber. These surfaces are perceived differently, but has in common that they are safe to fall on, they are durable and are relatively easy to keep clean. The client is Askøy Municipality and the parents’ association at Hop School. Rampline is responsible for the playground design and delivery of the equipment. Ground covers are delivered by Safeplay. Groundwork is performed by Hordaland Entreprenør.

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