A source of mastery and skill

– We have got a wonderful playground that appeals to all age groups. Play, challenges, and joy provide a strong sense of mastery throughout the school day.

Linda Gilje, Principal of Møllehagen


Møllehagen’s focus is to be a source of achievement, both inside and outside the classroom. The motor skills park is a significant part of the outdoor area, conveniently situated between the two divisions: the primary and secondary school on one side and the high school on the other.

Here, children and youth engage in various activities at different levels. Some unwind by exercising, while others play and unleash their creativity. In a Motor Skill Park™, there are numerous opportunities regardless of age or individual starting point for physical activity. The equipment encourages both good movement and mental relaxation.“This, we find, motivates students to better learning in the classroom”,  says the staff at Møllehagen.


Fortunately, one is never too old to play. With play equipment that can be used in multiple ways, even for exercise, it is inviting and natural for high school students to use the Motor Skill Park.

We see that it’s important for the older youth to play and be active during their breaks,” and “Rampline activity equipment appeals to a wide audience, and we consider that a significant asset.” Moreover, the Motor Skill Park is an easy place to socialize. “Here, we easily connect with each other,” is some of the feedback from both students and teachers at Møllehagen after having the Motor Skill Park for a while.

– We find that the activity in the Motor Skills Park encourages good social interaction, both among the students and between students and teachers.

Birgitte Røe, Teacher at Møllehagen School Center

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