Sand town center

That's it! Now there's life and movement in the center.

– The activity park in the center has become a very popular meeting place for all ages. Suldal Municipality is very satisfied with the project execution and the delivery from Rampline.

Lauritz Lauritzen, Suldal municipality

a higher pulse

Suldal municipality has diligently worked on the development of the town center of Sand. One of the measures taken is to invest in an open and inclusive meeting place with physical activities for a wide range of ages. The result has undoubtedly increased the pulse at ‘Mejeriplatsen’ in this idyllic town in the southwest of Norway.

At the Motor Skill Park, children find challenges that they may barely overcome, but which in the next moment trigger their desire to try again and again. Masters of creative play are developed here, with climbing, jumping, and balance games.

And dads and moms feel like joining in. Everyone, regardless of age or ability level, is allowed to test and improve their balance skills. You can also sneak in a little exercise if you want, on a Saturday morning with your family.

for those who need a little extra

Even a child with disabilities should have the same opportunity as everyone else to access the equipment and find challenges that are just right. One such child is Magnus (12), and he is one of those who come here regularly. It’s not always easy to feel at ease when you can’t do the same things as the other children.

But Magnus has found some activities he enjoys, such as the balance beam or testing his bounce on the trampoline, and seeing how far he can go on the slackline while holding his uncle’s hand – that last one brings a big smile to Magnus’ face.

– The activity facility has breathed new life into the center.

Lauritz Laurizten, Suldal Municipality

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