Bryne square

A pleasant activity hub that makes the center come alive.

The project was a boost for the square as we hoped. The playground has become a pleasant gathering point and we are pleased to see just how much it is used by children of all ages. We are very satisfied with the choice of playground equipment and the Motor Skill Park™ concept from Rampline.

Jan Oskar Haugen, Time municipality

The playground injects life in the municipal center

The municipality’s wanted to bring more life to the square on all days of the year. The answer was a playground with a balance park, centrally located in the heart of Bryne. Close to the playground are ice cream parlors, cafés and a cinema.

The playground has become a natural stop for a break or meeting friends. It’s universally designed, which makes it easy for children with disabilities to move around in the playground, get close to the equipment and to find their way to participate in the play. 

Detachable equipment

The playground equipment is made removable with an special attachment system from Rampline. The playground area can be made flat, and thus it’s possible to temporarily use the entire square for other purposes if needed.

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