To the very top

Rampit Storm™

The Rampit Storm™ climbing pole triggers our instinctive urge to get to the top. Climbing the Rampit Storm™ requires a little technique, courage and strength, but it is something that everyone can master with a little training.


Rampit Storm™ is an excellent device for play, competition and climbing exercises and suitable for children and youth from school age. Rampit Storm™ is safe to use, and challenges all users to reach the top and hit the bell.

  • Made of powder coated stainless steel
  • Mechanical sound generator (bell) at the top
  • Smooth powder coated surface
  • 400 cm height
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Technical files

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– Technical files include safety areas
– 3D DWG also includes foundations below ground level
– BIM files additionally include relevant information and links to downloadable documents
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2D | DWG
3D | DWG

Rampit Storm™ provides training for coordination skills and cardiovascular fitness.

Muscle groups: 
Arm, back, abdominal and leg muscles

Exercise example:
Climbing the pole by pinching with the legs
(30 seconds)

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