Universally designed - all natural


ShockDeck™ is a system for building an impact-absorbing ground cover using wooden decking. The solution is perfect for universally designed playgrounds and activity areas, and does not result in microplastic emissions. The ground cover is certified for fall heights up to 160 cm.

Environmentally friendly and universally designed ground cover

ShockDeck™ provides effective shock absorption for safe play on standard terrace boards. It replaces fall protection such as poured rubber or artificial grass and is suitable as a surface for all types of activity and play equipment.

  • Fall height up to 160 cm (EN 1177:2018).
  • Supplied as shock absorbers with adjustable feet. The wooden decking itself is easily built from pressure treated wood in standard dimensions.
  • Calculate approximately 4 shock absorbers per square meter. Choose the number of shock absorbers below. 
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ShockDeck™ is easily constructed using standard terrace lumber. Learn more about ShockDeck™ here.


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