Weightless play

Playground Loop™

Playground Loop™ in-ground trampoline has a strong appeal. It adds weightlessness and pace to the play, and when you put multiple trampolines in a series or combine them with other equipment, they are even more captivating.

tough enough to be popular

Playground Loop™ from Eurotramp belongs to the most robust trampolines on the market, luckily, considering how users like to jump non-stop. The 1-metre model has an excellent bounce, and is hand-picked by Rampline to work optimally with our motor skill park concept. Our in-house developed PlayPro™ trampoline rim provides a neat and durable transition to the ground cover, which is otherwise particularly susceptible to wear around the edge.

  • Can be supplied with integrated LED light
  • Rubber coated webbing gives excellent durability.
  • Embedded wire protects against vandalism.
  • Delivered with the PlayPro™ trampoline rim protection.
  • Multiple devices be arranged in groups or combined with other equipment.
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