Wobbly and challeng ing


The unpredictable tilting and rotating behavior of the Rampball challenges the user’s balance skills and triggers creative movement. Rampball® balance balls are suitable for playing, exploration and balance training from the age of 2, but are equally fun for adults.

The Rampball® has an extra strong spring system that makes it tilt to the sides. The 50R/70R-models are also equipped with a ball bearing that allows them to rotate around vertical axis.

  • The outer layer is made of durable EPDM and the core of non-toxic recycled rubber.
  • Multiple balance balls are preferably placed in groups in motor skill parks and obstacle courses.
  • Delivered in 23 colours. Please have a look at the colour chart below.
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training effect

The tilting and rotating Rampball® provides training for
coordination and balance skills.

Muscle groups:
Thigh muscles, back, abdominal and core muscles.

Exercise examples:
– Standing on the ball
– Sitting on the ball leaning back without the feet touching the ball
– Lying down on one’s stomach on the ball
(> 2 min)

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