An evolved classic


BalanceBuddy™ is a refined version of the well-known balance beam. It stands out with a shock absorbing rubber padding which makes it safe even for the youngest children to challenge themselves a little extra.


BalanceBuddy™ tempts users of all age groups to balance, run and jump. The balance beam is made of stainless steel padded with a layer of shock absorbing natural rubber with a non-slip texture. 

  • Substructure made of weatherproof Accoya wood braced with powder coated stainless steel struts
  • Multiple BalanceBuddy is can be placed in groups to create obstacle courses and motor skill parks
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training effect

The Balancebuddy™ provides training for coordination and balance.

Muscle groups: 
Core muscles.

Exercise examples:
– Balancing back and forth.  
– Increased difficulty: Walking with closed eyes.
(> 1 minute) 

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