Rampline® slackline

Nothing improves your balance skills like slacklining. It’s the ultimate exercise and gives a great sense of mastery the more you try. The slackline is a device that gets everyone from the youngest to the toughest to keep challenge themselves for hours.

The secret that makes people love slacklining is the dynamic webbing. It’s important not to confuse the slackline with static balance lines made of rope, chains or wires, which do not provide the same challenge and experience for the user.


The Rampline® slackline is the most well designed slackline stand for playgrounds. Featuring a low height and padded platforms that protect the webbing mounts makes it safe for everyone to try slackline, regardless of age and level of functioning. With a robust dynamic webbing and rugged design it will withstand heavy use with very little maintenance.

  • Can be combined with other equipment to create motor skill parks and obstacle courses
  • NEW! Now delivered with SlackShield™ vandal proof webbing with extra low maintenance.
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Mounting instructions

Technical files

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– Technical files include safety areas
– 3D DWG also includes foundations below ground level
– BIM files additionally include relevant information and links to downloadable documents
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2D | DWG
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training effect

The Rampline® slackline provides training for coordination, reaction time, balance skills as well as mental focus.

Muscle groups: 
Leg muscles, knee support muscles as well as core muscles.

Exercise examples:
(> 2 minutes)
– Standing and walking on the line.
– Sitting on the line.
– Balancing with the knees on the line.

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