igniting physical play

Innovative activity and playground equipment that sets every muscle in the user’s body in motion.


Adding movement to public spaces

Our unique activity equipment is designed to trigger balance and motor skills play, effectively contributing to increasing the time children and youth spend in physical activity in their daily lives.

Rampline’s Motor Skill Park™ concept is a combination of training and playground equipment in exciting arrangements. The best workout is the one you don’t even realize you’re doing, and that’s why the Motor Skill Park™ is both a fitness area and playground at the same time.

Our products are developed and manufactured in Norway, and certified according to EN 1176 (playground equipment) as well as EN 16630 (outdoor fitness equipment). This ensures safety for intense, playful, and enjoyable training for both the mind and body.

Never stop playing! – that’s what we live by at Rampline. Once you experience that wonderful feeling of speed and movement, age doesn’t matter.

The rampline story

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Leikvoll sports park

Bendik Heggelund, manager Finnøy sports club

– When children arrive extra early to football practice to play in the Motor Skill Park, then we know that we have made a good investment.

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